Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sorry for not writing...

I promise to post something later today.  There has nothing worth writing about this week...that is until that abomination of a refereeing performance yesterday at the World Cup...I watched two of the three games yesterday, and the performance of the Refs was nothing short of Shocking.   Quite possibly the worst two-game stretch of officiating I have seen in my 30-something years of football, or international sports in general, for that matter.

I will add more to this rant later...

Ok, its later.  I am still trying to wrap my arms around the appalling officiating that I have witnessed thus far at the World Cup.  These guys are supposed to be the best referees in the world, but I just don't see it.  And FIFA has absolutely no reconciliation process to right these wrongs.  I didn't actually see it with sound, but was Harry Kewel's send-off justified?  I did see that he blocked a shot with his upper arm, but did not hear the commentary to know how justified it was.  Findley's yellow card yesterday...for an intentional hand ball in the opposing box (even though it went off his face, then deflected off his hand) was inexcusable!  Now he can't play in the game against Algeria.  That sux.  The good news is that the US are basically in charge of their own destiny...they win and their in.  They tie and they still may be in, but England would have to tie as well.  So I am hoping for a win on Wednesday.

Enough on the ultimate communist

I have decided to re-focus my efforts on Fox TV programming.  I have taken up watching every episode of Fringe.  I found a guy to download the HD versions for me, and now I have given myself the deadline of finishing the first two seasons by the end of this week.  It causes me to watch a lot of episodes in my free time.  I am watching episode 18 of 20 for season 1 right give you an idea of how far I am pushing this.  I just got them this week.  The funny thing about Fringe is that I find much of it MORE believable than 24!

Looks like I am still going to be waiting, at least until tomorrow, for my satellite dishes to arrive.  Funny thing, there are almost none in the new pod that I moved to, yet we must have had about 40 in the old pod that I lived in.  Kind of strange.  Lots of AFN antennas, though.  After watching Fringe, I am starting to think that maybe there is a parallel universe where Iraqi Army Officers actually listen to us, and don't try to hug and kiss all the time...

I need to get going, all this TV to watch, and not too much time to do it.


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