Thursday, June 3, 2010

The best laid plans...

I am sorry to all the Blackhawks fans out there...I am pretty sure that it was my ill-timed concern rays that lost it for us.  Remember how I finally figured out how to watch the game from my bed?  Well, those plans went out the window last night when AFN stopped coming in...not sure why, either.  All of the sudden, nothing last night at about 2200.  And that nothing continued until this afternoon sometime.  So in order to watch the game I had to stream the game from my home computer through my DirectTV Dish...a little education in 3rd Generation Signals - They are delayed, sometimes by 3 or 4 seconds.  3-4 seconds is not enough time to cancel out concern rays...but when you take that signal, run it through a computers video processor (another 2 seconds), and then buffer and stream that signal (another 6-10 seconds)...that is 16 seconds of delay, way too late for the concern rays to have any affect on the players.  And for those of you that are not familiar with concern rays, please refer to page 91 of Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys.  

I tell you what, this new room is great, the air conditioner works like a champ, and it is a balmy 118 degrees outside.  It is a little bigger than the last one that I had, but it has no automatic I am pretty much freezing my arse off at night.  Better to be too cold than too hot.

I need to start another great satellite caper...I am getting sick of the stupid military commercials on AFN already...and it has only been about 2 hours.  And no Cricket...HOW DO I MISS CRICKET?  I have no idea how THAT even happened.  I don't, surprisingly enough, miss football (soccer).  It is on at least 3 dozen satellite channels, and is on all day and night on some of them.  But the world cup is fast approaching, and I better get another couple of dishes up soon.

I need to get some stuff done before the weekly Euchre I guess I better sign off.

Later all!

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