Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Wait is OVER!

Let's see, in my lifetime I have seen a lot of things.  I have seen war, peace, war, peace, war, war...and now a STANLEY CUP in Chicago!  The Bears won a superbowl, the Bulls won 6 titles, the White Sox went to the world series, and now the Blackhawks take it all!  The only thing missing is the Cubs going to the world Series.  I really don't care if they win the World Series.  For some reason I would rather hear that they won the pennant than the Series.  Not sure why.  Always imagined it would be Harry Carry saying it, though.

I really didn't know what to do when Kane scored that winning goal in OT this morning.  It was just after 6am, and no one was up yet...I couldn't really even see the puck on my snowy screen.  But I could, however, see Kane celebrating, at least 4 or 5 seconds ahead of the announcers.  I almost feel a little ripped off by that...You would think they would have reacted a little more.  I agree, it was such a harsh angle, I don't think that anyone was even thinking it was even a shot.  I have been in a happy-daze all day.  Not knowing what to do.  I couldn't share this win with anyone, really.  Email high-fives only go so far.  I kind of feel like I took one for the team by going to Iraq so they could win the title...I don't think that the Cubs are paying any attention to my ploy, however...

I am listening to "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers right now...forgot how much fun that song was.

And, to top it off, at about 9:30 last night AFN went out on the Sports channel.  I had to quickly come up with a back-up plan in case it was still out.  I must say, that the only plan I could come up with, knowing that I would be waking up at 0300, was to hope it came back on by then.  Luckily, it worked.  I didn't want to push the Philly CheeseSteaks to a game 7, they have a pretty good record in game 7's so far.  What was with all the Booing after the game?  I understand that their team lost, but it wasn't like it was on bad calls or anything, was it?

Class was fun today...we had a SGT teaching a bunch of officers, and this officer from our own school starts acting like an ass.  He calmed down and we got some good training on the computers in.  Does anyone know anything about 500 amp circuit breakers?  What does it mean when the thing keeps tripping every 5 minutes or so?  Is it time to get a new one at that point?  I mean, it is hot, so a lot of A/Cs are on, but we have had them all on before with no problem.  We also finally went and got a fuel pump for a generator that we, uh, found...The funny thing is there is actually a fuel pump black market here in Iraq.  We (the US) give them these generators, they, in turn, run them until they stop running.  At that point they pull all the electronics and fuel pumps off of them and sell them in Baghdad...then ask us for another generator.  I think that we have finally broken the cycle by doing what Nancy told us to do when we were in school..."JUST SAY NO!"  The funny thing is that when we got the fuel pump put in, the generator guy (yes, we have a generator guy) said that he thought that this might have actually been THE generator that was removed from this particular one...luckily we only paid 185 bucks for it.  What I really think that we did was pay a guy to look the other way for 10 minutes while they ripped this out of somebody else's generator, since we were told that they run about 1000 bucks each.  I am sure there was someone waking up this morning that was saying, "Hey, how come I have no power?"

I need to get to my weekly Euchre match.

You stay classy, Philadelphia!

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