Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Major Save...Niemi like, even!

Well, the move is 99% complete.  The only thing left to do is turn in the keys and get my door mat.  24 Season 8 is on episode 23, I have completed my command brief for the new general coming in...the only thing left to do, work wise, is my May Assessment.  Only about 3 more hours of work, but should be able to get that done during the Hockey game at 0300.  The only question that was left in doubt...HOW TO WATCH THE GAME?

I started to think of different options, but the one that seemed the most logical was also the most pain-in-the-ass option; which involved me getting up at 0245 and disconnecting my TV, carrying it back to my old CHU, hooking it back up to the satellite receiver, and then watching the game.  A pain, yes, but the Blackhawks are worth it...after all, they could use my concern rays!  But at 0300 in the morning, that would be difficult.  So I started to think of other options.  That's when it hit me...there HAD to be some AFN hook-ups here in this new pod.  So after a little searching I found some open connections right at the side of my CHU.  Luckily, Tulsa hardware was still open and I could buy some Coax.  So I enlisted a little help from my XO and BINGO!  AFN and the Stanley Cup Playoffs!  Now I can watch the game from my bed!  Big time save!  Not quite as good as Niemi, but almost.

I am not sure when I will get the hang of the Iraqi Advisor thing...been 4 months, and although every day is exactly like the last, it seems like no two Iraqi reactions are the same - EVER!  It certainly makes this groundhog day interesting, if nothing else.  Well, I have successfully killed the 23rd episode of 24.  I will actually be glad to get Jack Bauer out of my life for good.  His shenanigans were getting a bit ridiculous.

I must get some rest now...Must concentrate on Blackhawks game!


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