Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Places everyone, Places!

Tonight may be the night.  Lord Stanley's Cup will be in attendance.  The Blackhawks are poised and ready to hoist that cup in triumph.  Will they players show up?  Will all of the fans concern rays get there in time?  So far, they have won every game that I have watched "Real Time," while they have lost the only two that I had to stream from my computer.  Granted, the picture is snowy, but it is LIVE, and in color (somewhat).  All I have to say is "LET'S GO HAWKS!"

Man, this picture really stinks, but at least AFN is fixed enough to watch it live...just won't be able to distinguish the puck from the other snow on the screen.  The only think that it will really affect is my ability to jump up as soon as I see the puck cross the line...I will have to wait for the lamp to light and hear the call.  The real good thing about AFN is that they have the US broadcast of the game.  On Satellite, you get the Canadian and the ESPN America version, which does not have Eddie O. doing the Color.  I like having a former Hawk doing the color.

I will write more tomorrow, just got in from work and would like to go enjoy a cigar.  Happy Trails everyone.

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