Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's HOT!

Sorry folks, but it is really HOT here.  Especially when the power goes out every five minutes at the school, and A/C units don't have time to work.  Turns out one of the wires to the main breaker was loose...since it was a live 500 amp wire, no one was willing to touch it to troubleshoot.  We finally got the public works folks out to take a look at it, and all they did was wait for the power to go out (which it does every day at 1100) and turn a wrench a couple of times.  Who knows what permanent damage was done to the 500 amp Breaker while it tripped 20 times in the last 4 days.  You would think that it would be easy to go to the problem solvers to get problems solved...but I think that is contrary to their nature.  It seems like they have gotten so used to us solving their problems, that they don't even consider the fact that they have people in their own system to do it.  We are working on that.

Did anyone see that goal for the US yesterday?  What a lucky goal!  I am happy for the US Soccer team, but wow, that English keeper must feel like an ass!  He now has about the same status as the guy who scored the own goal against the US for Columbia in 1994...only I am not sure they will let him off the hook by killing him...they will just humiliate him for the rest of his days, which could be for another 70 years!

Well, for some reason they are teaching class tonight, so I guess I will head to dinner and go back out to the school.


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