Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stop, Hey, What's that sound?

Had a good visit from the boss today, the big boss.  The guy who writes my senior rater comments.  Not sure what he will write.  I don't think that I have been the run-of-the-mill advisor.  So I will either get a really good write-up or an average one.  I doubt that I will get a bad one, but you never know.  Been really hot here.  I mean REALLY hot.  Like 120 degrees hot.  So hot that you walk out into a furnace.  Why can't somebody cut the power to that furnace?  I mean, they cut power to our A/Cs out at the school every day, why can't they cut the power to the blast furnace blowing that hot air all over the place.  But it's a DRY heat...

Well, AFN didn't work last night either, so the Blackhawks had to do it on their own...and did not fare so well, either.  I am going to have to work on other accommodations for Sunday night.  I still don't think that any of the games have been called fairly...the Hawks are getting way too many penalties called on them that Pronger gets away with.  I hate that guy, by-the-way.  I mean I REALLY hate him.  He just may be the Hawks Steve Garvey when all the dust settles.  I hope not.

Other than the AFN problem, I am really digging this new CHU.   Here are some pictures of my 6th place of residence for more than 3 days in this country.  If I haven't mentioned it before, this is the largest of them all.  It has a full bathroom, that I have to share, but right now, no one is in the adjoining room.  I do have to remember to keep it clean, but that is not really a problem.  At least now I can drink something after 8 and not worry about having to get up in the middle of the night.  That is huge, especially when you are losing the water that you will in 120 degree heat!  Staying hydrated is good for you, or so I have heard.  I did go out and by another case of Blue Monster.  I would have sooner, but they have been out them for quite a while.  Our PX is so very feast or famine...on EVERYTHING!  Every month we go through another version of the great potato chip famine of 2010, then it will be air fresheners.   And then it will be [nowhere] near beer.  We were out of that for the past few weeks.  You would have thought that the stuff actually had alcohol in it, the way some guys complained about it.

Well, we have a visitor coming in tonight of no great consequence, but he is getting here late, and a day early. So I better sign off and get a short snooze.


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