Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone remember Chemical Ali?

Was driving around Camp yesterday and saw this building there, with signs basically telling everyone that it is off limits.  I have driven past it at least 1000 times.  It looks rather innocuous, except for the blown out windows.  But it is rather large, so I was thinking how nice it would be to make it a school building for our classes.  Turns out it was the Iraqi Chemical weapons factory...remember that guy, Chemical Ali?  I guess that is where he worked and developed the Iraqi Chemical weapons...And, yes, there were chemical weapons in Iraq.  There would have been even more if we did not come over here and remove Saddam In-sane.  Supposedly, there may be residual chemicals and hazardous material in there, so they placed this building off-limits.  As you can see from the photos, there were workers right next to it, and the windows are blown out, so I doubt that there is anything to worry about.  Probably just don't want us tooling around inside...

Anyway, pretty funny that the only place that the soldiers could fish is on the same grounds as this building, and now that area is off limits, too.

Not much else going on here at Club Taji...except maybe that I finally got my Satellite Dishes.  Now the Great Satellite Caper of 2010 - Redux begins.  We tried to put them together last night, but to no avail.  Hard to get the signal.  Tonight I am bringing in the heavy hitters...a couple of Iraqi Local Nationals with some experience bringing in Satellite signals seemingly out of thin air, they have been doing this since before we invaded.  Seems as though these things were illegal in the Saddam In-Sane days, and they had to get creative about where they hid these things, and also had to be able to set them up quickly.  What good hosts I have!  Anyway, should be watching the World Cup sans snow tonight!  Can't wait.  I mean, AFN has good programming, but nothing compared to the 2000 channels of the worlds Satellite network.

That is all for now...

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