Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow, another week down the drain

It's official!  Weeks are now zipping by like days...however, the months are still dragging by.  It has been 6 months since I deployed.  The picture shows the typical visibility during your typical dust storm...taken yesterday.  I thought that I would recap the past 6 months for everyone.

5 Jan - Got stuff from Ft Benning
19 Jan - Got to Baghdad, future uncertain
22 Jan - Sent on a wild goose chase to Shaibah training center via Al Basrah
Superbowl Sunday - Drank two beers
Two days later - On my way to Camp Taji via Bashrah, Kuwait and BIAP
7 Feb - Arrive at Camp Taji in the middle of a huge Exercise at the COIN School
1 Apr - Go back to Baghdad for the first time to attend a silly conference
Some point in May - Travel to Camp Liberty for a very useful conference
14 June - Did NOT get my two beers for the Army's Birthday
24 June - Feeling a bit nostalgic about my first 6 months here...but not so much that I looked up dates or anything.

At least my satellite dishes are installed and I could watch that AWESOME goal last night by Donovan!  Good on him!  He deserved to get the winner.  I was very into that game for some reason...not sure why.  Didn't even go to dinner, just sat in front of the TV and watched and screamed, and wondered if there is some referee conspiracy against the US!  What is it with these guys?  They could have had a serious scandal on their hands had the US not gone on to the round of 16.  That is two good goals that have been disallowed.  I watch a lot of EPL, and these British announcers almost NEVER get it wrong, especially after watching the replay.  If they say that it is a good goal, you can take that to the bank!  And they have repeatedly said that both goals looked good to them.  I am watching the World Cup on Al Jazeera Sports Channel, and they have the best British Announcers in the Biz doing these games.  I am actually quite impressed that their World Cup Channel is actually all in English and the second audio is French.  Very impressive coverage so far.

Well, time to go to work.


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