Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm UP! Stop trying to wake me...

I got to take a trip to Camp Liberty this weekend.  It is nice to see how the other half that, I mean the privileged few that get to live on the Victory Base Complex (VBC).  There are actually things to do there.  Also, there are several bases within the complex.  Funny thing, though, since the place is so big, some people that work long hours actually don't even get a real feel for all that the complex has to offer.  I kind of understand.  If someone was to ask me if a Bus went somewhere here on Taji, I wouldn't have a clue.  When you have a vehicle, you don't bother to take buses anywhere, you just drive.  So you wouldn't know where a bus stop was, or what its schedule was.  Such are the woes of the visitors to VBC.  It seems that a preponderance of the Bus riders are non-English speakers, low ranking soldiers (who are way too nervous to give directions to a LTC like me), and visitors who are as clueless as you are.  We were trying to go to a Mediterranean restaurant somewhere on that place, and no one, I mean NO ONE at the unit that we were visiting seemed to know what Bus would take us there.  So we took a Bus as far as we thought we could, and then walked the rest of the way (about a mile).  When we get there, we spy a Bus stop right there where we were going.  It was a different bus line than we were originally on, but it would have changed where we got off in the first place.  So I guess a bus does go there, you just have to wait a half-hour for every bus there.  Buses stop every half hour at the various stops.  The problem is, if you miss a bus, it is only about 20 minutes to walk why wait?  Because it's HOT, THAT'S WHY!  Only we didn't wait, we walked, BOTH WAYS.  Then one of the guys that was staying near me couldn't find where we were staying, so we walked an EXTRA two miles.  And, because we were traveling, I had my leg holster on.  I had a very bad "Heat" injury to a sensitive region by the time I returned to my CHU.  Thank Heavens for Gold Bond.

So I set my Alarm for about 0230 so I can shower and watch the Hawks game.  It starts at 0300.  My alarm goes off and I decide that I can shower at the first intermission.  But I don't want to reset my alarm for 0300, so I hit snooze (which only goes for 10 minutes).  Has anyone ever fallen back into a great sleep in like 3 minutes...just to get woken to that $#%$# snoozed alarm?  Damned the 4 times.  Then the game doesn't start right at 0300, so I keep going down this path until it does start. All the while becoming more and more annoyed and more and more tired as time goes on.  Anyway, the Hawks aren't getting the thing in the net tonight, so I guess we are going to game 6 on Tuesday.  What is it about 1st game at home?  The Hawks are just not winning their home games, especially the first one after being on the road.  I am afraid that if they don't win it in Vancouver, we may be in for a little trouble.  There are about 8 minutes left, so maybe they can at least leave on a high note and score a few goals.

It was Mother's day yesterday.  I was so busy traveling that I almost forgot.  Good thing that my end of day, is the states start of day...Mom and Wife successfully called.  I love you both.  Hope that you enjoyed (are enjoying) your day.

Time to send my full concern rays to the Hawks.



  1. Congrats to your Blackhawks...I love playoff hockey...look what Montreal is doing pretty impressive for an 8th seed.