Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never get on the Colonel's Bird...

Hello people!  Been a few days.  Been on Auto-pilot for the last few days, and with all of the great Hockey news coming out of Chicago, I just kind of let time get away from me.  I got the first 16 episodes of season 8 of 24.  That is about the best I could do here in Iraq.  I see that they finally figured out that they used the word "protocol" too much.  Now they over-use the word "Package."  I guess they have to do something to make it all seem "Official."  And who has a "Digital" briefing package, anyway?  I work for the most technologically advanced government in the world, and we still don't have the cool things that they have on this show...So what government ARE they working for...certainly not MINE.

Yesterday I had to travel to Baghdad.  Weather was a problem.  Apparently helicopters don't like to fly in dusty conditions.  Anyway, I was on weather hold on the way there AND on the way home.  On the way home I had to fly all over the place, just to get about 10 minutes up the road.  We stopped for refuel at one of the locations and the co-pilot had gotten out to to something.  When he got back, I noticed that it was the BDE commander...yes, that's right.  It was the Colonel that is their commander.  And from the look of things, he wasn't that familiar with where the controls were on this new version of the Blackhawk.  I just knew that this was not going to be a good ride home.  The landings were rough, and he was flying fast to keep up with the Chinook that we were flying with.  But we got in...about 2 hours later.   It looked like he was doing a monthly check ride or something.  He could have been evaluating one of his pilots, but it didn't look that way. I am safe and home now, but still a little tired.

More tomorrow, I promise.

Later taters!

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