Monday, May 3, 2010

But they are white guys?!?

Decided to write this before heading to dinner.  I did have lunch over on the Iraqi side, but on our compound that I used to live at/  Lunch was pretty good, but has anyone, EVER, heard of Texas Corned Beef?  Basically corned beef with bbq sauce on it.  Not that good, but not that bad either.  Better than some of the stuff that I get over here.  I wanted to write something down here before I head to dinner, since I may not really feel up to it after dinner, and I am watching a rugby match.

Japan vs Korea in Rugby.  Only most of the guys on the Japanese team are white!  I guess since we have Japanese Americans they can have American Japanese?  The Korean teams seems to have some national integrity, from what I can tell.  Japan is basically killing them.

Had to Chauffeur around one of the Izzy's today.  Good thing, too, since he had never been to my school, and he is one of the guys that I have to justify my manning roster to.  He kept forgetting stuff, so we were running around all over the place looking for his Body Armor and computer bag.  That was fun.  So I got in a little extra work.  Anyway, not much else is going on here.  I am headed to eat.

Much Love...

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