Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something HAS to go wrong...

The world is too right right now.  Let's see, I just received a 5 pound bag of Gummi Bears, I just got word that one of my NCOs that I thought I was losing is getting to stay, the Cubs are NOT mathematically eliminated (as I was thinking about two weeks ago), the Blackhawks are in THE STANLEY CUP FINALS, and I bought yet ANOTHER complete set of all 8 seasons of 24.  Of course, season 8 wasn't complete, but at least it had the first 16 episodes.  That at least gives me time to download or get friends to download and send me the last 8 episodes (hint, hint).  Then, of course, things with the disk can go wrong.  I would like that as the THING that has to go wrong, since all of the other things that could go wrong are just downright unacceptable.

First of all, there is no way that the Cubs can lose another game...or, maybe they can lose another game, just not after they lost the prior one.  The Blackhawks have got to win a Stanley Cup..eventually, don't they?  Why not the year I can't celebrate the big win with beer, a LOT of it.  And the other is just unthinkable and involves bodily harm, namely my body.  That would be that I get a hangnail or something (I bet that you guys thought I was going to say that I got shot or something!).  I did, however, take a mighty spill on the rugby field  last Sunday.  So maybe that was it...still have the dirt embedded in my hand to prove it.  So maybe that was the thing that HAD to go wrong.  And my toe still hurts from the fall.  That's close to a hangnail, right?

Seriously folks, it looks like the Army has their hooks in me until January now.  Who knows, it all could change in a few minutes?  It's an Army thing.  I get to have a lot of visitors tomorrow.  Kinda like being on a prison island as a celebrity...everyone wants to come see me, but I rarely get to leave.

There is this Iraqi Soldier that we have, lets call him "Yuck Mouth."  His teeth were a bio-terror weapon waiting for a place to bite down.  My parents have been sending a lot of toothpaste out from the family business, and I have, in turn, been handing it out to our Iraqi Soldiers.  Today I had a conversation with Yuck Mouth...and I have to say, it wasn't AS yucky.  He must actually be using the stuff!  I gave him a toothbrush, too.  Maybe that was the problem all along?  Anyway, thanks to the family Biz, at least a few Iraqi Army dudes have much cleaner teeth these days!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

I miss everyone, especially Susie and T.J.!

Love to all, much love, indeed!

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