Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whatever it is, my stomach misses it!

I haven't eaten in the dining facility since Thursday at lunch.  My stomach has been killing me.  No Iraqi food, no Blue Monsters, nothing too out of the ordinary.  Thursday for dinner I got a Pizza from Pizza Hut.  Nothing special, just a stuffed crust deluxe.  I only had two pieces for dinner, so I ate it all day on Friday.  Well, I almost didn't go to Friday night services because my stomach hurt.  It must be that darned American food!  I didn't get this reaction to the Iraqi food last time I ate it.  So I have been existing on Salami Sticks and Salami with crackers.  I am not talking "GIVE ME MORPHINE" hurting, not like last time.  This has just been a low level, I am not really motivated to be that far away from the latrine to go to the mess hall kind of hurting.  Enough of my stomach woes...something far WORSE has crept into my life.

So I am watching Episode 23 of Season 5 of 24.  About 19 minutes into the episode, the disk quits.  Now I am not really mad at the total lack of quality control on the disks...after all, I only spent 10 bucks on all 8 seasons.  What I am pissed off at, is how out of control I feel because I can't watch the final 60 minutes!  I am like a drug addict looking for a fix right now of 24 season 5.  I tried to just jump to season 6, but my heart really wasn't into it, and too much must have happened in that last hour or so.  There are no commercials, so each episode, although covering an hour in time, is only about 44 minutes long.  I think that the problem is that they try to shove way too much data onto one disk.  I would gladly pay full price at this point to watch the damn show.  Curses!  Its not like I don't have the money.  I am getting on Amazon an ordering the damn things.

Watching the Cubs game tonight.  How about the Hawks?  Watched every painful goal that the freaking Canucks scored.  I hate those guys.  Always have.  I used to love to go to the Hawks games when they played those guys...always guaranteed a good fight.  They didn't even do that last night.

Anyway, sorry for not writing in a while...wasn't really into it with the tum-tum on the fritz.  I promise to do better.


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