Sunday, July 11, 2010

What for be the Camp Taji

So what has been going on here at Camp Taji?  NOT MUCH!  Haven't really done a thing since getting back from my short trip tot he IZ.  At least nothing worth writing home about.  We had a little blow-out today in the office...I think it must have been Festivus...because today seemed to be the day for the airing of grievances!  Lots of yelling and screaming, but I guess we needed it, since it took one of my guys getting mad at me to realize that it was a communication problem.  This spilled over to our Iraqi counterparts, and they seemed to have a little airing of grievances themselves.  Maybe NOW we can get somewhere!  Hopefully, these Iraqi Officers are starting to get the message that they can't just sit around all day and let everything be done for them, without caring for their soldiers.

Watching the movie Robin Hood.  It was filmed in the movie theater, along with most of the movies that we can buy here for $2.  It has such a weird storyline...I thought it was just a remake of the movie with Kevin Costner, but I was VERY wrong.  So when I failed to pay attention the first time I tried to watch it, I was lost by 15 minutes into the movie.  Trying to re-watch it now.  Picture is not very good, but is better than watching "Channel Encrypted" on my TV.  Yes, the great satellite Caper of 2010 is a never ending story.  Hopefully new codes are the only fix, and they will be available soon.

Got a box from my lovely wife today...she sent 12 Pounds of Gummy Bears!  I am not sure that I can properly lose weight with that many Gummies on hand.  But I will try.  I also got a box with some yummy loaves of bread (Challah) from  Unfortunately, they took way too long, and one of them had gotten a little moldy.  But three of them made it!  They look awesome.  They were donated by a local Kosher bakery in upstate NY.

I better get going, may have to pause the movie soon to watch the World Cup finals.


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