Friday, July 2, 2010

My New Obsession....

I have no idea why, but I seem to get hooked on TV shows that I have never watched before.  I finished all of the episodes up to this point of Fringe, so I have moved on to "V".  Funny, I still find even V more believable than 24.  I still can't believe they let them use cell phones in such highly classified places...but, I digress.

The way I see our television heading is in two directions...the fascination with the Sci Fi and then fascination with vampires and immortality.  Cross either one with the hint of a love story, and people are hooked.  That, and of course "Reality TV."  Something I absolutely hate...Reality TV.  I watch TV to escape from reality, and then to be entertained.  NOT to live vicariously through someone else's reality.  And then there is Lost...I never really got into that show.  Not sure what category that show fits into.

We had some mortar rounds hit nearby this past week...I never heard them, all I could hear where those damned vuvuzelas!  I was watching a World Cup game when they cam in, and all I can say is that I only heard those stupid horns.  I mean, really?  Those stupid horns could have cost me my life...someone tell the World Cup people to outlaw those things so I can watch the games...I am blowing this WAY out of proportion, so don't anyone go and get your panties in a wad.  I was safe.  I still hate those damned horns!

We are losing one of our NCOs this weekend to a transfer to another location.  In his honor, we decided to have a steak cookout.  Last night I decided to marinate some of the steaks in Dale's Sauce.  I had a little Dale's accident, however, while I was trying to marinate them.  Some idiot (me) left the cap off the bottle and then knocked it over with his two left feet.  I like Dale's Sauce.  Some that know me, would say that I LOVE Dale's Sauce.  But, when you spill it on the floor, it really does stink up the joint.  And that awesome property of Dale's Sauce (its ability to stick to the food that we marinate with it) also makes it a bitch to clean up, especially when it splatters on to the walls, the furniture, and the door.  It was a funny site, and my mirror still needs to be cleaned.

Did anyone happen to catch me on the Arab news on Wednesday night?  I didn't either, I don't watch the Arab media, since I don't speak Arabic.  But I was interviewed for a few minutes.  I can't remember if I gave my speech before or after the media arrived.  I hope that I gave it before they came.  I would hate to have my face plastered all over the Arab media giving some corny speech that I wrote in 15 seconds...yes, that was how long they gave me notice that I was expected to speak.

Well, we are trying our best to celebrate Independence Day weekend here, but it just doesn't seem the same without beer.  And, also, hoping for NO fireworks.  Fireworks would mean BAD things here.  So we won't be hoping to see anything in the air.  But we can have burgers and dogs and chips and all that, just to make sure it feels a little bit like home.  Hope it works.

I need to get some work done...yes, on my day off.  But, oh well.


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