Saturday, July 17, 2010

Getting Thin...

Today is the last full day with my entire team.  I have already lost one of my NCOs to a transfer, and my XO and Admin NCO are leaving tomorrow for home.  So we will be down to 3 military and 6 contractors.  Not a small team, but not much firepower, either.  It is getting hot hear!

It is so hot, that our cold water is too hot to take a shower with in the afternoons.  I had to turn off our hot water heater so I could have a small "Cold" water tank to thin out the scalding water from the big cold water tank.  It is so weird to turn on the hot water to cool off the flow of water from the shower.  The water does cool off over night, so we have to turn on the hot water to get it to flow through our "hot" water tank to cool it off (the thing is insulated really well, and doesn't cool off just by shutting it down).  Here is the problem...our morning showers will be cold if we don't keep the hot water heater at least at a moderately warm temperature.  We have no control over the thing...within about an hour of turning the thing on, it goes from warm to scalding, I mean REALLY scalding hot.  Great for shaving, bad for showering, especially if your cold water is too hot to shower under.

My wife is going to hate me, and call this "one of the most frivolous purchases since my Mazda RX-7," but I bought a Wii Black edition yesterday.   I see our PX going away within two months, and a lot of boredom ahead.  I figured that I needed something to get me moving...since satellite TV does not really prove to be too interactive.  It came with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, so now my right forearm is sore from playing ping-pong on the thing.  Now that I think about it, my shoulder is sore, too.  But it's a good pain, I guess.

Not much else going on here, just re-living groundhog day, over and over...just with noticeably less folks here every day.  Oh, and the picture is a MIG from the Ministry of Defense headquarters in Baghdad...pretty funny that a country that has almost no aircraft can spare one for a monument.

Until Next time...

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