Sunday, July 18, 2010

Freezing from the Heat

The temperatures are so ridiculously high for such ridiculously long period of time here, that we just have to do some things a bit different here.  Yesterday I spoke a bit about how the Hot water heater becomes our private "cool" water tank...makes showering, well, interesting.  In order to keep our rooms at a decent temperature during the day, we have to keep them FREEZING at night and in the mornings.  Makes for a cold post-shower. And makes for a cold night, as well.  I turn the A/C down at night a bit, but I have found that if I turn it down too much, I wake up to it being too warm, and then it spends the rest of the day trying to catch up.  Sun comes up early here, earlier than I am willing to wake up, anyway.

What is with the Cubs?  I thought that they may have turned it around...but a 4 run top-of-the-ninth brought me back to reality!  The game was on AFN last night, so I was able to watch 8 happy innings, then one truly sad 9th.  What did Marmol have?  Like 35 walks in that inning?  He doesn't need a pitching coach, he needs a psychologist.  He obviously has the physical skills, but the mental capacity to actually BE a closer...not so much.  IF he ever gets right in the head he will really be dangerous, and probably can be one of the greatest closers EVER!  Somebody get that guy on a couch!

Wrist and forearm are recovering, and wife has forgiven me for the Wii buying caper.  They have tons of bootlegged games here for XBOX 360...but none for the Wii...something about a chip that can't be replicated or something like that.  Anyway, I did get a baseball game called Major League Baseball 2k10.  You can simulate this season...the cubs even do better in the computer than in real life.

I had Madden 2010, but my XO wanted to get his son a game, so I offered to give that one to him...he insisted on paying me for it, so I used the money to get the baseball game.  Madden 2010 was pretty cool, so I will probably get 2011 when it comes out.  I am not good with this extra money.  At least my wife is using the money she spends to improve our beautiful home.

That is all for now...more funny stories of the desert coming soon...

Hugs and Kisses...

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