Friday, March 26, 2010

The wine tastes better when you have a good day!

The Huntsville Rugby Club's Founder and first coach used to say, "The Beer Tastes Better When you Win!"  I had to adapt that to hear, mainly because I am not playing in any game that I can win, and, because the only thing I can get my hands on was the Friday night religious wine...But it tasted good!  Mainly because I had a good day.  I had most of the day off, so that may have had something to do with it.  I woke up at 5 am, completely rested.  So I watched some television and got ready to meet one of my wife's friends, who is in town here at Taji for a few days, for coffee.  Turns out she is here helping a guy from my old unit, so I was able to see someone else that I knew.

It almost didn't matter that my thingy so I get free channels still isn't working right.  It does get the fashion I get to watch hot models walk down the runway all day long...which is nice!

Had seafood for dinner, lots of deep-fried shrimp and scallops, and lobster-butts, too!  Felt kind of weird going from eating Lobster Butts to Friday night services, but its Iraq...I almost forgot it was just felt like Ground Hog Day again to me.   Yogi Berra would love this place...Its deja vu all over again, every day!

Plus, I topped the evening off with a Strawberry Banana Smoothie...Went in for a Triple White Chocolate Mocha, but since it was a little hot, I went for the smoothie.  Good call, it cooled me right off.  Now I sit here--typing to no one in particular, yet updating everyone.  I hope I have some readers.

I can't wait for the baseball season to get here.  I am running checks on MLB.TV to make sure it will work...haven't got it to run yet, but hopeful.  I must watch my CUBS!  The Lou will make this The Year!

I must get some needed TV time!

Later all...

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  1. The Cubs...if I had a dime every time my Chicago native Dad said this would be the year for them...well, at least you have Lou to keep you entertained. Your not missing much over here as the HYPE(ESPN) network is all about some YANKEES/RED SOCKS...damn, I hate the Yankees!!